How to make an app

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How to make an app

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Steps to make an app for Android
The Android operating system is one of the most famous operating systems for smartphones, but the process of programming and developing applications for it is a difficult process with foundations, and rules that programmers must know and work with, as the Android application programming process revolves around a number of steps, namely: Computer

It is a program that contains tools for programming and developing applications related to Android, and the Java Development Kit must also be installed. Download the Android SDK, a software for building applications for the Android system.

Start creating the application, by filling in the details for the application, and the version of the SDK you want to run the program on. Start by creating and programming the required application according to the foundations and programming rules, and it is possible to specify the specifications of the devices that will work on it. Run the program, and test it. Make the necessary procedures to publish the program in the market.

Steps to make an iPhone app
iPhone-type smartphones run on an operating system called ios, so the application to be made must adapt to the operating system, and the steps for making the application begin with a good planning of the application, and trying to make it distinct from other applications

Even if you find other applications in the same field, and the programmer must be familiar with all the programming rules, to ensure the success of the application, then the following steps are followed: Create an account on the Apple iPhone Developer, to become one of the programmers, and developers. Install the iPhone SDK which must be the latest version.

Start designing and programming the application, which requires the availability of experience and the necessary skill to do so. Run the program and test it, to be ready to be put on the market. Submit the program to the Apple App Store for publication.

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